Blink to relieve dry eye

Blink often to relieve dry eye. This article discusses the importance of blinking in the fight against dry eye. Blinking eyes may seem trivial, but it is actually extremely important to keep your eyes healthy and well hydrated.

blinking exercices

blinking exercices

Indeed, each movement that is made to blink helps redistribute a new layer of tears on the surface of the eyes and eliminate the old layer. The problem is that with our contemporary lifestyle and the use of electronic devices, we are blinking much less often! In fact, it has been shown through multiple research that working on a computer screen causes the eye blinking’s rate to fall drastically. This is because when we focus on a task, we blink a lot less often without even realizing it. The problem is that when you have dry eyes, you just exasperate the problem even more … Hence the importance of taking breaks regularly and especially taking the time to blink .

Many free programs are also available on the internet to remind you to blink and take breaks for the good of your eyes. You just have to type “eyeleo” in your search engine.

An optometrist also gave me the following suggestion to blink and optimize the secretion of the meibomian glands and I share it with you:

  • blink (keep your eyes closed for 2 secs)
  • squeeze (as in the photo above for 2 secs)

So here is the sequence that was suggested to me:

blink – blink – blink – squeeze
blink – blink – blink – squeeze

And we start again 20 minutes later. The “squeeze” would, according to what was explained to me, a way to stimulate the meibomian glands and to make them secrete healthy oil.

The important thing here is to remind you that while you are working on your computer you are starting to experience eye strain, discomfort or redness of the eyes, it is very likely that you have not blinked enough. Then think about taking a break … There are several techniques to rest your eyes. My favorite is to close my eyes and cover them with the palm of my hands and massage my eyelids gently.

Also remember to place your computer screen lower than the horizon line of your eyes so that you are always looking down when your head is right and you are watching your screen. By doing so, the eyelid gap in your eyes is reduced, reducing the exposure of the eyeball to the surrounding air. Are you not convinced ? So do the exercise … While keeping your head upright, look up, you will quickly feel discomfort! So, by grace, when you work on your screen, look down … and not up!

Blinking is so important that a Japanese optician has even developed glasses that requires you to blink. Click on the following links to see what it is:

The system is designed to fight against eye dehydration in people who stay focused for a long time on a book, a computer screen or a television screen, and who forget to blink. A sensor attached to the glasses detects that the eyes have not blinked for more than 5 seconds, and immediately “fogs” one of the two glasses with a liquid crystal process. The mechanism has the effect of causing in the wearer a blink reflex, which prevents the eye from becoming too dry.

Personally, DustBuster glasses make all the difference when I work on the computer. I have often spoken of the good that these glasses can bring to those who suffer from dry eye, I do not intend to repeat myself here !

Remember to always consult your eye doctor. Only your healthcare professional is qualified to give you personalized advice for your situation.