Another perspective on the Dry Eye Syndrom with the aim of improving the treatment of MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction), DES (Dry Eye Syndrome) and CDE (Chronical Dry Eye)

Eyelids could not slide accross my eye ball without scratching it

I will start right at the beginning of my journey: I am a long-term patient myself of MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction) which leads to the DES (Dry Eye Syndrom) and CDE (Chronical Dry Eye) respectively. It all started a couple years ago when I my eyelids could not slide across my eye ball without scratching it. It basically felt like you put on your windscreen wiper on your car when it does not rain – it’s really not a good feeling to have.

Inflammation of my eyelid margin

Back than it was combined it was inflammation of my eyelid margin which even worsened the situation. At that point, I have not heard of any of the technical terms associated with it like those above or blepharitis, ocular rosacea or things like that. Back then I was just really annoyed by the symptoms which included the typical dryness, redness, itchiness, irritation, watery eyes and just pure eye pain. (Maybe you will recognize yourself if you read through it or know someone with a similar story.)
After that my multi-year story started where I tried to cure, improve and even „hack” the symptoms and especially (root) causes on every level I could:
1) Nutrition (e.g. by eating more omega-3 containing food like avocado, salmon, (wal)nuts but also more probiotics – and also supporting this with supplements )
2) Psychology (e.g. with meditation)
3) Physiology (e.g. going to the sauna; using the Blephasteam goggles; doing eyelid margin hygiene; getting LipiFlow treatment; now currently in the process of setting up my IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment during summer)
4) Medication (e.g. using eye drops like Lacrycon or Optava)
5) Alternative medicine (e.g. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), i.e. acupuncture or drinking TCM herb mixtures as a tee)
It can seem intimidating at the beginning to see that so many levers exist to improve the MGD/DES/CDE and all its symptoms. But I perceived it as good news: if there are so many levers to pull it also means that if you pull all levers at once you will see positive effects pretty soon.
Of course, at the beginning I learned the various root causes step by steps by visiting many different eye experts, by reading articles on the internet, by following „bio hackers” (e.g. Dave Asprey – if you don’t know him yet, make sure to check out his blog), books, scientifical papers (e.g. on PubMed), reading in dozens of forums and Facebook groups on the internet and so on.

Dry Eye Treatments

It took a long time, costed a lot of money and was really frustrating at times since I always had the feeling that I could collect all the valuable „actionable insights” only drop-by-drop and step-by-step without there being a source where I could learn everything at once. Until I learned about most of the treatment options and causes it took around 2 years (and I was a pretty obsessive researcher on that topic to be honest — at some point my eye specialists / doctors told me they could skip their conference visits because I already told them everything about the new scientific breakthroughs and treatment options :-). Along this way, I also tried every possible treatment option and continuously optimized along all these five categories I mentioned above.
As of now, I can say that I cured around 90% of the dry eye syndrome with the help of many information sources, experts and doctors. (Thank you for your support if you read this!). I am still learning and studying the topic since I still have the aim of hacking this medical condition to end up of curing 100% of the symptoms (which is currently not possible).
I feel pretty lucky to be able to afford and also get access to all these sources of support, information and expertise here in Switzerland — that’s why I thought to myself: with all this experience, what’s the best way of passing on those silver bullets to my fellow DES-patients?

Dry Eye Survey

Therefore I have created a short online-survey via SurveyMonkey to really understand what hurdles others had or still have to overcome — you can find it here:
It’s only 10 questions, so it will not take no more than 5 minutes to complete – promised :-) I would be eternally grateful if you could participate and tell me about your struggles and opinions.
Of course, if you have any questions, extra input, feel the need to discuss certain points etc. please reach out to me by leaving a comment below or send me an email ( ) where I will reply to every message personally.
Thank you in advance & looking forward to hearing back from you!
Best regards
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