Dry Eye Syndrome can affect anyone at any age, no matter where in the world you live. However, some regions of the world have a more arid, dry and warm climate where the prevalence of dry eyes is higher. I have just returned from a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States where we find this type of climate. Luckily, I wore my moisture chamber glasses which allowed me to enjoy my vacation without letting dry eye poison my life.

Desert climate and dry eye

In Las Vegas, the climate is desert. During the summer season, temperatures can easily reach 35 degrees Celcius. It is a warm and dry climate. After all, the city of Las Vegas is part of the vast expanse of the Mojaves desert where there are more than 300 days of sunshine per year.

That’s me ! In the middle of the desert plains of the Red Rock Canyon in the Las Vegas area. Thanks to my dry eye protection glasses, I was able to walk and enjoy the experience of this type of adventure. No more tears flowing constantly, eyes stinging and burning.

When one has dry eyes to walk in this corner of the world demands certain precautions. Visiting the Grand Canyon or the Red Rock Canyon Reserve can be a real torture for someone with dry eye. Even strolling from hotel to hotel on the famous “Strip” can also be painful for your eyes as you enter and exit constantly from a warm and dry environment to an air-conditioned environment. Those with dry eyes know that, unfortunately, air conditioning is hard to bear.

Do not leave without your dry eye moisture chamber glasses

So whether you have an evaporative eye dryness, blepharitis or underlying disease such as Gougerot-Sjögren’s disease, you’ll need to make sure you put in your suitcases a pair of glasses appropriate to your condition . This type of sunglasses can make all the difference between suffering during your visit to places with this type of climate or simply enjoying your vacation like everyone else.

Tear Breakup Time in a warm and dry climate

When one is suffering from dry eye syndrome, our TBUT is significantly reduced compared to a person with healthy eyes. Imagine now when you find yourself in such a climate with a warm and dry wind. The tear breakup time of the tear film is considerably reduced! Thus, your eye dries up much more quickly in such a climate than if you were in a temperate and humid climate. That is why some people suffer greatly when they find themselves in such conditions. The eyes cry (reflex tears that can not under any circumstances lubricate your eyes), sting, burn, become red and inflammation settles.

Dry Eye protection glasses to protect your eyes against dry wind like in Las Vegas

Fortunately, for those suffering from dry eye, there is a relatively inexpensive solution that often works very well. The principle is simple. Simply protect your eyes with a pair of glasses specially designed to promote a higher humidity around your eyes and optimal protection against wind and airborne particles. This is called “moisture chamber dry eye protection glasses”.

This type of glasses designed for dry eyes effectively protects the eyes from the outside environment, reducing the agressions of the windy and dry climate of these arid regions. Of course, even if you are elsewhere in the world and your dry eye symptoms troubles you, this type of glasses is quite indicated.

A simple and practical solution to your dry eye problem

Eyeglasses specially adapted for dry eyes are affordable and very effective in reducing your eye suffering due to dry eyes. Whether this dryness is the result of an autoimmune disease like Gougerot-Sjogren, blepharitis or simply the cause of factors such as menopause or aging, you will certainly find an improvement in your symptoms with this type of glasses. Although these glasses do not cure ocular dryness, they nevertheless reduce the ocular suffering associated with it.

Protection against harmful sun rays

Protection against dry and hot wind is extremely important, but these glasses also protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Indeed, a dry eye is an eye sensitive to light. A moisture chamber sunglasses will give you that protection against the daylight you need.

The idea is to be able to continue to go about your outdoor activities in the same way as those who do not suffer from dry eye syndrome. For some, the relief will be instantaneous when wearing these glasses. For others, it will be necessary to wait a little as the moisture level increases inside them. One trick is to put on artificial tears (without preservative of course) just before wearing the glasses.

Peu importe le climat dans lequel vous vous trouvez, si les symptômes de la sécheresse oculaire vous incomodent

Walking for 2 hours in the middle of the desert was a very rewarding experience for me. Walking in a desert environment without even thinking about my eyes once was a real pleasure. When planning your next vacation, consider buying a glasses that fits your needs. There are many models and you will definitely find something to your liking.

Buying Dry Eye moisture chamber glasses online

The purchase of glasses on the internet is not an easy thing and we are well aware of it. For this reason, we have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee policy allowing you to exchange or return the glasses if you are not entirely satisfied. You just have to return them within 30 days and you will be refunded. Please note, however, that delivery charges are never refunded. If you are unsure about a particular model or if you have any questions or concerns, you can always write to us or call us and we will be pleased to assist you. No matter where you are on the planet, if you have dry eyes and want to get relief with these glasses, they are now available to you and you will be delivered to your door!

Dry Eye moisture chamber glasses for all budgets

All the glasses that are available on this site offer eye protection against the wind and help to reduce the symptoms of dry eye. Some models are more expensive than others but all have a common object that is to decrease ocular discomfort related to dry eyes. Note that if you need to fit prescription lenses to your eyesight, some models can be fitted with custom lenses.

To see our models, click on the image below

Dry eye in Las Vegas

Verbena: This model is one of the most popular among women. The eye protection is exceptional and its look is fashionable. Due to its design, it is discreet and looks quite like an ordinary sunglasses without being ordinary !!!

As you plan your next vacation in the Las Vegas area or anywhere else in the world, these glasses can really help you lessen the discomfort of dry eyes. Moisture chamber glasses do not heal dry eye but at least allow a normal life. The simple fact of being able to go outside and enjoy life is already a clear improvement to your quality of life.


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