USB Heated Mask for Dry Eyes

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USB Heated mask for dry eyes – Warm compress for dry eyes treatment, blepharitis and meibomian glands dysfunction (MGD).



USB Heated mask for dry eyes – Warm compress for dry eyes treatment, blepharitis and meibomian glands dysfunction (MGD).

This warm compress USB heated mask is ideal for use at the office, when traveling, in a plane and at home. Simply plug the USB connector into your computer or other USB port for comfortable warmth. Heat applied to the eyes is the basic treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction and evaporative dry eye.

Connect this USB heated mask on your laptop, in the plane, bus or when you are waiting at the airport or any place where you can take time to relax while providing a dry eye treatment to your eyes.

Like other compresses, heat released is the basic treatment for blepharitis, chalazion and meibomian gland dysfunction. Indeed, the use of warm compresses helps to liquefy the meibomian secretions thereby restore a healthy tear film, and decrease symptoms of dry eye.

How warm compresses for dry eye can help you ?

Warm compresses have the ability to decrease eyelid inflammation by temporarily increasing the blood supply. If warm enough, warm compresses can also melt meibomian gland oils that have become thickened due to bacteria raising its melting point. The combination of increased blood supply and thinner meibomian gland oil by warming the eyelids leads to an improvement in the tear film.

Dry Eye treatment

Warm compresses have been prescribed for the relief of eye conditions for many years. This USB heated mask provides an easy to use system that heats automaticaly to the ideal temperature. Furthermore, it will stay at this temperature for the required time for meibomian glands stimulation. Daily use helps maintain stimulation of the glands, flushing out mucous that may have become clogged and encouraging natural tear film secretion.

Heat treatment for dry eyes

USB heated mask will produce the heat necessary for a relaxing sensation. Research has shown that if you properly heat the eyelid’s Meibomian glands, they will excrete proper amounts of healthy lipids and other oils, improving the dry eye symptoms.

Convenient treatment for dry eyes

This USB heated mask is portable, convenient, safe, comfortable and easy to  use. It delivers the right temperature for the desired amount of time. This device will help you re-establishes  and stabilizes the tear film naturally.

Why should i use this USB Heated Mask for Dry Eyes?

Evaporative dry eyes are caused by a lack of meibomian gland oil being supplied to the tear film on the surface of the eye. By warming the eyelids with this USB heated mask, the meibomian gland oil is thinned and thereby flows more easily onto the surface of the eye.

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