Cold Eye Compress

Cold eye compress are frequently used to treat ocular allergies and to reduce swelling around the eyes and ocular itching. Cold treatments relieve puffy eyes and dark circles beneath the eyes.

When stress and tension builds in the eye area, the cool sensation provided by the cold eye compress can really help you get relief from headache. You can relieve puffiness around and underneath the eyes by applying a soothing cool eye mask. Store your cold eye compress in the refrigerator. Use it for 10-15 minutes whenever you need it, and allow it to rest on your puffy eyes. Cold eye compress will give you cooling relief of the external eyelids and surrounding area, helping reduce inflammation, swelling and general discomfort.

A cold eye mask can help you relax away the symptoms of ocular allergies, swelling, migraines, itchy eyes, sore eyes, tired eyes, puffy eyes, sinus headaches, infllammation and hayfever.

Allergy symptoms can often be confused with dry eye symptoms. Make sure to check with your doctor if you suspect eye dryness or allergies. He will be able to make some tests and tell you if you need warm or cold compresses.

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