humidifier for dry eyes

Add moisture in the air for your dry eyes with a humidifier

Why use an humidifier ? The Air is dryer in winter time. Depending on where you live, the air can be even more dry. Humidifiers purposes is to put moisture back into the air. By having more moisture in the air, it will give you a lot of benefits for your dry eye symptoms.

Increase relative humidity for your dry eyes

Relative humidity is the amount of water vapor present in air expressed as a percentage of the amount needed for saturation at the same temperature. The more the relative humidity will be higher in your office while your working on your computer, the less the tear evaporation will be. To achieve that, you may need to use a humidifier. If you want to know the relative humidity level in your room or office, you can use a hygrometer that you can find almost anywhere. It is not expensive and may help you to determine if you need to buy or use your humidifier.  I always manage to have relative humidity level between 40% and 50%. If your hygrometer indicates humidity lower than 20% it is definitively too dry and you need to raise up the humidity level in your house. Humidity level is always lower during winter time. By heating your house you are drying your air. You must then compensate by adding moisture to the air and this could be done with a humidifier.

  • usb humidifier for dry eyes syndrome

    USB Humidifier

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