As with Dry Eye, eye strain or eye fatigue can cause very similar symptoms such as burning, itching and tired eyes. If you feel these symptoms you should see a doctor just to make sure that it is not something more serious. This is particularly important if you noticed double vision, impaired vision or any change in your vision.

eye fatigue

Eye Fatigue Causes

The eye is an organ of the human body like any other part of the body. If this organ is over-used, it will show signs of fatigue. When you require intensive eye use such as reading, writing, driving, sewing, watching TV or prolonged computer use, you can feel symptoms related to eye strain.

If you are outside on sunny day without sunglasses, you can also feel eye fatigue after a while. This is especially true if you have dry eyes.

Eye Fatigue and smartphones

Staring for long period of time at a digital device such as a smartphone might cause you eye strain also. Digital eye strain is a very common problem these days since almost everybody uses a smartphone these days. Especially in the younger generations. Avoid using these digital devices in the dark and limit the time you are using them. If you have dry eyes, you will feel eye strain much faster.

When staring at electronic devices, you blink a lot less than you should. By having a reduced blinking rate, eye fatigue and dry eye symptoms will be felt very quickly. This can result in dry, tired, itchy, and burning eyes. Think about doing blinking exercices and use artificial tears without preservatives and moisture chamber glasses if you have dry eyes.

Eye Fatigue Symptoms

As we said earlier, dry eye symptoms could be very similar to eye strain. Pay attention if you feel that your eyes are:

  • Dry or watery
  • Having trouble focusing when you read
  • Sore and irritated
  • Red
  • Light sensitive
  • Blurred vision

If you feel those symptoms, you should take a break so you give your eyes a break. Do blinking exercices or get some sleep since sleeping will help your eyes recover. Lack of sleep may lead to eye redness and other ocular problems such as dry eyes.

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  1. Andrea Myers
    Andrea Myers says:

    I like how you mentioned that one of the causes of eye fatigue is when you are having trouble focusing when you read. My mother loves to read a book before she sleeps, and she complained yesterday that she’s having a hard time focusing on reading. I will inform that we should consider visiting an eye doctor in our area for a consultation.


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