Lately, I went on a great trip to San Francisco in northern California. San Francisco is a mountainous city in a peninsula surrounded on one side by the Pacific Ocean and on the other by the San Francisco Bay. The geographical location of this city makes the climate is often windy and cool. Fortunately for me, I wore my protective goggles against the wind to protect my dry eyes.

dry eye protection in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge Visit

The Golden Gate Bridge is a beautiful structure. This bridge is a symbol for the city of San Francisco just as the Statue of Liberty is for New York. An open-top coach tour allows you to fully appreciate a 360 degree view of the bridge, its structure and the Pacific Ocean right under your feet. Of course, I let you imagine the amount of wind that hits your eyes while crossing the bridge. Whether on foot, by bicycle or like me on a tourist open-top bus, there will be wind! If you do not have dry eyes, a little tearing will occur and no more. However, when you have an dry eye syndrome, that’s another story. This wind can quickly become very annoying and irritate your eyes. An important ocular discomfort is established and you no longer appreciate your visit. But you can avoid all this by wearing glasses that are specially designed to protect your eyes from the wind and prevent this eye irritation that will make your eyes very unconfortable. You will find on the website of the Dry Eye Store (Online Shop) a wide range of eyeglasses specially designed to protect your eyes.


dry eye protection on a boat

Visit of Alcatraz prison on the island of Alcatraz

This tour is definitely worth a visit. I really enjoyed visiting this internationally renowned prison. To get there, you have to take a boat that takes us from the port of San Francisco to the island of Alcatraz. Again, the cool wind is the enemy of your dry eyes. But the landscape is so beautiful that it would be too bad to deprive yourself and stay locked in the boat. Anyway, once on the island, the wind continues … No way to escape this windy climate in this part of the country. But if you wear protective eyewear against the wind, you can protect your dry eyes and enjoy this boat ride. Fortunately, the glasses that we offer are stylish and are up to date. We have hundreds of models, you will certainly find a model suited to your style and budget.


fishermans wharf dry eye climate - protection des yeux contre le vent

Fishermans Wharf and Pier 39

The visit of Pier 39 in the Port of San Francisco is definitely worth a visit. You can get there either by using an open-air tourist bus, public transit or even one of these great trams with a historical look. Close by, there are several small shops called Fisherman’s Wharf that offer seafood in all its forms. Sandwich, soup, salad, etc … If you like crab, lobster or shrimp you will certainly find what you desire. But to enjoy all this without irritating your eyes think about wearing your protective glasses against the wind. Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf is located in the Port of San Francisco, so on the waterfront of San Francisco Bay. The climate is windy … even very windy and sometimes cool. If you have dry eyes, you will not enjoy visiting this place if your eyes are not adequately protected.

In San Francisco or elsewhere … Protect your dry eyes from the wind

Whether you are planning a trip to San Francisco or anywhere else in the world, the principle remains the same. Protect your eyes at all times, especially if you suffer from dry eyes. The best protection is to protect them from sunlight, wind, airborne particles such as allergens and dust. This will greatly reduce your symptoms of irritation, dry eyes and discomfort. Also read our article on dry eye during travel.


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