How to reduce the symptoms of allergies?

Allergies occur when your body reacts and defends against usually inoffensive substances.

Eye Allergies

Eye Allergies

There are several sources of allergies, such as pollen, animals, dust or certain foods.

Seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies are the best known. They may occur as early as childhood or later in the life of a person. Allergy to pollen from trees and grasses starts in the spring and lasts until early summer. Allergies to ragweed pollen begin in mid-July and persist until first frost.

Do you have a cold or an allergy?

It is sometimes difficult to differentiate allergies from a cold or flu. Here are some symptoms of allergies:

  • Nasal discharge (clear secretions)
  • Sneezing
  • nasal congestion
  • Itchy eyes
  • Tearing and itching

Unlike a cold or flu, there is no fever and sore throat, and the symptoms persist beyond 10 days.

How to reduce allergic symptoms?

  • Wear sunglasses to reduce the amount of pollen that reaches your eyes.
  • Avoid drying your clothes on the clothesline as the pollen adheres to the fabrics.
  • Keep the grass short as the grass that grows flowers and releases pollen.
  • Wear a filter mask to garden or mow the lawn.
  • During the allergy season, remove your clothing before entering the bedroom. They can be covered with pollen.
  • Keep windows closed
  • Eliminate ragweed before August.
  • Avoid going out in the morning and when the weather is dry, hot and windy. Better to practice your outdoor activities in the late afternoon or after heavy rains, when the pollen is low.

What are the possible treatments ?

Several non-prescription medications relieve allergies: oral preparations, eye drops and nasal solutions.

When symptoms of allergies undermine your quality of life, taking an oral antihistamine becomes necessary. When choosing an antihistamine, you should consider several factors, such as the risk of drowsiness, duration of action and contraindications.

Tears, redness and tingling of the eyes?

Symptoms of ocular allergies are very similar to those of dry eyes. Ophthalmic eye drops relieve redness, tingling and tearing. They are very helpful in preventing symptoms, hence the importance of starting their use one to two weeks before your usual period of allergy. If you use them while your symptoms are already present, you will get complete relief after ten days of treatment.

Decongesting drops have the advantage of relieving redness quickly and can be administered as an adjunct to an antihistamine taken as a tablet. However, their use must be occasional and of short duration.

Cold compresses, like this eye gel mask, is useful for controlling your symptoms of eye allergies. Indeed, cold reduces the inflammation of the eyes and eyelids. By applying a cold compress, it will also reduce the tingling and redness of the eyes, often present in the case of allergies to the eyes.

Nasal discharge, sneezing and nasal congestion

Antihistamine nasal sprays act locally to relieve sneezing and rhinorrhea (runny nose). These medications are very helpful in preventing symptoms of allergies. They may take a few weeks before acting if the symptoms are already present.

Nasal decongestants relieve nasal congestion quickly, but they can not be administered over a long period of time. They are especially useful for treating allergic seizures, as an adjunct to oral antihistamines. Since these medications are not suitable for everyone, it is important that you consult your pharmacist before using them. Saline-based products can also relieve nasal congestion. If you have any questions about allergies and their treatments, do not hesitate to consult your pharmacist.

Sunglasses for the protection of the eyes against seasonal allergies.

Sunglasses for the protection of the eyes against seasonal allergies.

Sunglasses for the protection of the eyes against seasonal allergies.

You can help yourself by using eyeglasses specially designed to block wind, pollen and airborne particles. These glasses are the same as those used for the relief of dry eye. Eyesential glasses are an excellent value for money. These are fashionable sunglasses, good qualities with a protective contour that ensures an optimal seal in the area of the eyes.