When you have sensitive eyes, it is not always easy to find a makeup that does not irritate the eyes or the eyelid. At the Dry Eyes Store, we have makeup designed for people with sensitive eyes. But how to make a successful makeup when you have sensitive eyes?

To make a success of my makeup

Successful makeup depends first and foremost on perfectly cleansed and well hydrated skin. Then, it is necessary to wait about ten minutes between the application of your care cream and the make-up to assure a better holding.

Makeup of the complexion

To obtain a perfect make-up of the complexion imposes to respect a strict order of application of the products:

  • First, the tinted cream that you stretch (without spreading) with your fingertips going to the outside of the face to unify your complexion,
  • then, the eye contour that you use with the foam applicator and you fade gently tapping lightly, to hide imperfections (signs of fatigue, redness, dark circles, …)
  • then, the loose powder that you apply generously with a large brush on the entire face to obtain a matte and silky finish. During the day, you can touch up with the compact powder,
  • finally, the blush that you affix on the protruding parts of the cheekbones to accentuate the relief of your face.

Eye makeup

Highlighting the beauty of your eyes and the intensity of your eyes is an essential step in makeup. Each product has a distinct function:

  • Attract light with makeup or eye shadow,
  • enlarge your eyes thanks to the pencil or eyeliner, to deposit at the base of the upper lashes,
  • accentuate and brighten the look with the mascara that thickens the lashes and gives the impression of lengthening them.

Lip makeup

Illuminating your complexion, modeling your face, attracting light, these are the qualities that will bring you lipstick, pencil lip contour and lipgloss.

Nail makeup

The varnish protects the nails and ensures shine and color in harmony with the makeup of the face. For a better hold, it is recommended to apply the clear lacquer in make-up base.

Makeup for sensitive skin and eyes

The skin is today more and more sensitive and fragile. All women, including those who wear contact lenses, need skincare and make-up products that guarantee perfect safety. To respond to this new dermocosmetic environment, Laboratoires Contapharm has developed the High Tolerance Eye Care Cosmetics range of skincare products, recognized by dermatologists, ophthalmologists, allergists, as the reference in the field of ocular sensitivity. cutaneous thanks to a completely new concept: the bio-inertia formulations.

With Eye Care Cosmetics makeup, women are more than ever sure of their beauty.

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