When you suffer from dry eye, we look for all the possible means at our disposal to put a little moisture in our dry eyes. Although artificial tears do a good job, they are often not enough to counter the symptoms of dry eyes and provide lasting relief.

How to relieve my dry eye symptoms?

If you are one of those who use artificial tears several times a day, know that there are other solutions, sometimes more effective to relieve your symptoms of dry eyes. Artificial tears have a limit and sometimes you have to turn to other means.

Lunettes pour les yeux secs

Glasses for dry eyes

Glasses for dry eyes

Wearing glasses specifically designed to relieve dry eyes is unavoidable when you have a moderate to severe dry eye. The principle of these glasses is simple. They block the wind and dust while trapping moisture naturally released by your body inside the telescope. The humidity in the air around your eyes is therefore higher, which allows your tear film to evaporate less quickly. There are several types of glasses, all colors and for all tastes. If you have dry eyes and have not tried our glasses yet, it is high time for you to offer yourself a real chance to find a quality of life.

Little trick: Put artificial tears in your eyes just before wearing these glasses … The effect will be increased tenfold!

Night masks

During the night, the eyes tend to dry out for a variety of reasons. When you suffer from dryness at night or in the early morning when you wake up, just make sure to protect them during the night. Some will use a night mask to simply reduce the flow of air around the eyes while others will prefer a mask or a night bezel. Although these are more effective than a night mask, you will need to take the time to get used to sleeping with these protections. The protective effect for your eyes is magic! The next day, you will feel your eyes much less dry and more rested.

heyedrate mask for dry eyes

Hot compress to relieve dry eyes

Hot compresses

Hot compresses are necessary to ensure proper functioning of the glands responsible for the production of tears. For this, use a quality compress that will keep its heat between 45 and 50 degrees Celcius for about 15 minutes. Those who use a washcloth under hot water will never achieve the therapeutic effect of a hot compress designed for this purpose since the washcloth is cooled much too easily.

Eyelid massage

It is necessary to massage the eyelids regularly. You can use your fingers or use the Eyepeace device. Massage the eyelids also allows the meibomian glands to function properly and ensures that the lipid secreted by these glands is expelled from the glands.

Eyelid cleansing

If you still clean your eyelids with baby shampoo diluted in hot water … STOP! Personally, this way of doing things has always irritated my eyes even more. It is much better to use a specially designed solution for this purpose. These products are sold in several formats and are very practical.

Routine for dry eyes

If you follow these basic tips, you should see an improvement in your dry eye symptoms. Of course, sometimes you have to wait several days or even a few weeks before you notice a significant improvement in your symptoms. Your dry eye has taken months, maybe years to settle. You will not be able to reverse this in a few days.

Chat with others who live with dry eyes

Our Facebook discussion group brings together a growing community of people who live daily with dry eye. Join us on Facebook. You are not alone !

Finally, consult your doctor and follow his recommendations. There are several prescription treatments that your doctor may suggest such as Restasis, Xiidra and other topical anti-inflammatories.

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