Inside our eyelids are the meibomius glands responsible for producing the essential oil for a healthy tear film. When one of these glands becomes blocked, it can become infected and swollen which may favor the appearance of a stye or a chalazion.


When the secretions produced by a meibomian gland accumulate inside the duct without being able to be evacuated, a blockage of meibomian gland may occur. This is called chalazion. This part of the eyelid will swell and may even become painful. If untreated, the secretions thus trapped in the gland can harden and form a mass in the eyelid. Surgery is then necessary to remove it.

Eyelid Styes

The stye may appear as much on the upper eyelid as on the lower eyelid, but it is more common to see it in the upper eyelid. It is a bacterial infection when there are too many staphylococcus on the eyelid. The stye resembles a small nodule.

Eyelid Disorders

Eyelid disorders such as chalazion and stye may resemble each other and have common symptoms. If you experience discomfort, bump, swelling, redness or tingling on your eyelids, it would be wise to consult your eye doctor.

Styes Treatment

Styes are usually treated by the application of hot compresses several times a day. Often, this is enough to get a complete cure in about 7 to 10 days. However, if the situation does not improve or if the stye reappears, it would be important to consult your optometrist or ophthalmologist. He may prescribe an antibiotic for you.

Chalazion Treatment

Unlike styes, chalazions are not an infection. There is therefore no bacterial infestation. It is rather an accumulation of meibomian secretions that block the evacuation canal of the gland. The use of warm compresses for several days can help soften these secretions and thus promote its evacuation. If this does not work after a few days, consult your optometrist or an ophthalmologist who will probably have to remove it surgically.

Use of hot compresses for the treatment of styes and chalazions

In our opinion, the use of hot water compresses over the sink is simply not effective enough. The compress cools very quickly and the temperature is not constant. At the Dry Eye Store you will find excellent hot compresses specially designed for this type of use. They are easy to use and the compress remains warm long enough to have a therapeutic effect.

Warm compresses treatment for styes and chalazions



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