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Apart from selling products for the relief of dry eye symptoms, the Dry Eye Store is not only a shop, it is also a place where you can chat with other people about anything related to dry eyes .

Dry Eye online chat

There are several ways to exchange and discuss with others about dry eye. These exchanges and discussions are open to anyone who wants to share an experience, ask a question or simply read and discuss with others who, like you, must live with dry eye syndrome.

Let’s talk about Dry Eyes

This forum is a private group on Facebook. To access it, click HERE to become a member. It’s totally free. The online community member of this group is gaining momentum every day. This discussion forum is one of the largest online discussion community in the world that deals with dry eyes or any related conditions. Do not suffer alone, by just chatting and sharing with others is a great way to not only learn more about this disease but also feel psychologically better.

Dry Eye Online Community

For those who do not use Facebook or do not have a Facebook account, the Dry Eye Shop offers you a discussion forum directly on this site. Click HERE to access the discussion forum. This is your place … This is your forum … Express yourself, tell your experiences, exchange with others … You can enter your details or simply participate in the discussions anonymously. It’s up to you.

Dry Eye Testimonials

You also have the opportunity to read and write testimonials in a section specially reserved for this purpose. To go to this section of our site, click HERE. You can read testimonials about products, treatments, ideas, etc. You also have the opportunity to ask questions to other members.

By having contacts with other members that goes through the same thing as you, you will feel psychologicaly better and you will get the support much needed when you deal with dry eyes. It’s all totally free, hope you will take advantage of this !


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