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Blepharitis and Lid Hygiene

Blepharitis is a chronic disease caused by dysfonction of the oil glands in the eyelid. Lid Hygiene is important to remove oil and debris from the eyelid margin on a daily basis. Blepharitis Blepharitis is a chronic disease caused by dysfonction of the oil glands in the eyelid. Normally, these glands produce the oil component […]

Psoriasis and Dry Eye

Psoriasis is a skin disease and the eye can be affected during psoriatic disease. About 10% of psoriasics have ophthalmological problems. Among these problems, dry eye and blepharitis are presents. Blepharitis can cause itching of the eyelids and give a feeling of a foreign body in the eye. A cleaning of the eyelids is often […]

The 3 steps of Eyelid hygiene

If you have chronic blepharitis and / or meibomian gland dysfunction that causes you dry eye symptoms, you should make sure you have excellent eyelid hygiene. Inflammation of the eyelids Inflammation of the edge of the eyelids may be manifested by slight swelling and redness. Eyelid hygiene is then very important. 1- Heat Apply hot compresses […]

Itchy Eyelids

Have you ever had dry itchy eyelids? Here, you’ll discover, the causes of dry itchy eyes, which are swollen, puffy, as well as yeast infection, treatment and home remedies. By understanding what causes dry itchy eyelids, you can then take the appropriate action to reduce the irritation. Keep the eyelids clean with appropriate lid scrub […]

Eyelid Care for Dry Eye Treatment

Eyelid Care is very important when you have blepharitis and/or dry eyes. Eyelid care is important to minimize dry eye symptoms because the problem may not be your eyes but rather your eyelids. Eyelid Care is recommended if you have meibomian gland dysfunction. As explained in the other dry eye articles, the meibomian glands are […]