What is blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction ?

You have probably never heard of blepharitis unless you have it or know someone who has blepharitis.

But what is blepharitis?

It is a chronic inflammation of the eyelid margin that contains the meibomian glands. These small glands on the spinal margin produce the meibum, an essential lipid that enters into the composition of your tears. This lipid, which happens to be the last layer of your tear film plays a crucial role in the stability of it. Indeed, it helps stabilize the tear film to delay evaporation.

When the meibomian glands do not work!

Thus, when the meibomian glands do not work well or are clogged, the quality of your tears is inevitably diminished. This has the consequence of causing an evaporative dry eye. Your eyes are red, sensitive, irritated and uncomfortable. In general, blepharitis can not be cured. It tends to be chronic but fortunately it can be treated by controlling the symptoms with simple means but must be done every day to reduce the symptoms and have the best quality of life possible.

When the meibomian glands do not work properly, the lipid they produce tends to be thicker than normal or absent. It is then enough to apply hot compresses on the eyes every day in order to liquefy the meibomian secretions and to return them their normal fluidity.

Heat application and eyelid massage

After applying a warm compress on the eyes for about ten minutes, gently massage the eyelids to purge the glands and release the lipid that has been made more fluid by heat. Be careful not to massage your eyelids too vigorously; remember, the eyelid massage must be firm but delicate.

Subsequently, it is recommended to clean your eyelids with a product such as Ocusoft Lid Scrub Cleansing Foam. Finally, we finish with artificial tears. Remember that it is best to use artificial tears without preservatives.

Follow this treatment every day to prevent relapse. You should continue even in the absence of symptoms or if you feel better.

So here’s how I treat my evaporative dry eye, which by the way is the most common type of dry eye.


  • Waking up in the morning, as soon as I open my eyes I put artificial tears without preservatives.
  • Subsequently, I put a hot compress on my eyes for about ten minutes.
  • Then I proceed with the massage of the eyelids delicately.
  • Immediately after, I clean my eyes with Ocusoft Lid Scrub foam.
  • I put artificial tears specifically made for meibomian gland dysfunction.


  • Before bedtime, I clean my eyes with Ocusoft Lid Scrub.
  • Thereafter, I use my sleeping eye mask to shield my eyes during my sleep. You can use artificial tears without preservative right before wearing your night mask.

Since I have been on this diet rigorously, I have noticed a marked improvement in my condition and quality of life. Of course, it’s not perfect, I have good days and not so good days but in general it’s much better. Of course, there are prescription treatments that you should discuss with your doctor such as tetracyclines, cyclosporin A, and corticosteroids. But I do not want to address the issue of prescription drugs because I think it needs to be discussed with your health care provider. By the way, you will not find any prescription products on this site.




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