Zoria Mascara is developped by Ocusoft, a leading company in dry eye treatment.

Dry Eye Cosmetics – Eyeliners, Mascara, Make up for sensitive eyes.

When you have dry eyes, you must make sure not to aggravate your condition by using any cheap makeup or product around your sensitive eyes. You should consider using only dry eye cosmectics that are designed for the most sensitive eyes.

At the Dry Eye Store, we offer dry eye cosmetics that are tested under ophthalmological and dermatological controls.
Dry Eye Cosmetics that we have includes eyeliners, mascara, makeup remover, face cleanser and more. Mascara can be very irritating for the eyes. If you use mascara, make sure that you only use those made for sensitive eyes. Do not use waterproof mascara, because it makes it more difficult to remove and this can be very irritating for the ocular surface. So make sure that your mascara your are using is hypoallergenic and NOT waterproof. Good quality mascara made for sensitive eyes will not flake, causing eye irritation as they will fall in the eyes. When the mascara flakes gets into the tear film, they will certainly cause eye irritation.

Do not apply eyeliner where the meibomian glands are located since it can block the duct of these glands, causing dry eyes, stye or chalazion. Make sure that you use good quality eye makeup remover made for sensitive eyes. Even if you use dry eye cosmetics such as a good mascara and eyeliner made for sensitive eyes but do not use a makeup remover for sensitive eyes, it is likely that you will get irritation and dryness.