Sleeping eye masks

Sleeping Eye Masks for Dry Eyes
The more the moisture level will be high around your eyes, the more your eyes will be in a soothing humidity, the more they will recover from dryness. Sleeping Eye Masks that you will find here at the Dry Eye Store are sleeping masks that are also considered as moisture chambers that will keep the humidity inside the sleeping eye masks while you sleep, moisturizing your eyes and give you chance to reduce the severity of your dry eye symptoms.

Sleeping eye Masks that locks in moisture will help to greatly decrease tear evaporation. People with dry eyes often complains about night time dryness and acute symptoms upon awaikening. If you need to put gel ointments or artificial tears right before bed this type of sleeping eye masks can help you to alleviate your symptoms.

At night, many people do not completely close their eyelids during their sleep. Many are not even aware of that and do not realise that the eyelids are not completely closed. In fact, this situation can certainly lead to very severe dry eye problems at night. If you need to wake up in the middle of the night to put eyedrops or if you have a hard time to open your eyes in the morning, this type of night time eyewear can help you as well.

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