Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

With modern technology, your eye care professional can now see and evaluate the condition of your meibomian glands using meibography. The morphology of the glands is visible with this type of examination as much on the lower and upper eyelids. Morphology of meibomian glands through meibography The meibography is the only method used to clearly […]

Styes and Chalazions – Eyelid Disorders

Inside our eyelids are the meibomius glands responsible for producing the essential oil for a healthy tear film. When one of these glands becomes blocked, it can become infected and swollen which may favor the appearance of a stye or a chalazion. Chalazion When the secretions produced by a meibomian gland accumulate inside the duct […]

Tear production decreases over time

Over time, normal tear production decreases as we age. When this reduction reaches a certain limit, a dry eye syndrome may appear. Some moments in a person’s life can promote dry eye episodes such as pregnancy and / or menopause. Hormonal changes and dry eyes Hormonal changes can have a significant impact on the proper […]

Lacrisert for Dry Eyes

Lacrisert (Bausch + Lomb) is a sterile, slow-release lubricating substance that’s placed underneath the lower eye where the conjunctiva of the inside of the lid meets the mucosa of the eyeball (this location is termed the inferior cul-de-sac of the eye). Lacrisert provides all-day moisturizing effect for your dry eyes Solid insert composed of a […]

dry eye clinical trials

Dry Eye Clinical Trials

HydroEye – Participants receiving HydroEye had significant improvements in irritation symptoms, a smoother corneal surface, and lower levels of inflammation compared to placebo after 6 months of study. Design In this multi-center, randomized, controlled trial, 38 postmenopausal women with dry eye (moderate to severe KCS) received 4 softgels daily of HydroEye or placebo, and were […]

Importance of Antioxidants for the eyes

Antioxidants protects cells from damage caused by free radicals (molecules associated with aging). Too many free radicals can cause eye disease, including advanced age-related macular degeneration. Antioxidants job is to keep free radicals under control and help protect and repair cells damaged by them. The National Eye Institute recommends a diet high in antioxidants, plus […]

LASIK and Dry Eyes

Advantages of LASIK are obvious. Vision without glasses ! However, many side effects are possible and you must consider them before the surgery. Probably the most significant and bothersome is Dry Eyes. Do not hesitate to discuss about that with your doctor. Dry Eye after LASIK surgery Most people that undergo the procedure may encounter […]

Eyelid Daily Care Regimen

You’ve got dry eyes ? Blepharitis ? Meibomian gland dysfunction ? Your eyes requires daily care. Sometimes, the problem is not from the eyeball itself but rather the eyelids. We constantly use our eyes all day long. We spend countless of hours using them in front of our computers, smartphones and other mobile devices. They […]

Medicines that make your Dry Eye Worse

If you have Dry Eyes, you have to keep in mind that certains medicines used to heal other diseases can harm dry eye sufferers. If you have dry eyes and you take medications, it is really important that you discuss about that with your doctor. DO NOT STOP YOUR MEDICATIONS WITHOUT YOUR DOCTOR ADVICE. It […]

HydroEye SoftGels Dry Eye Relief

HydroEye is a unique, patented oral formulation that helps provide relief for dry eyes. Its proprietary blend of key nutrients works to produce a healthy tear film and support ocular surface health. HydroEye Highlights Clinically tested and found to improve dry eye symptoms, keep inflammation at bay and maintain corneal smoothness Offers relief for dry […]