You walk into a party reception room and are greeted with trays of delicious hors d’oeuvres. Everyone is encouraging you to try them, but you can’t. First you need to get to the bar on the opposite side of the room so you can get a glass of water to thelp the food go down. […]

Sjögren’s Syndrome and Dry Eye. Many Canadians suffer from dry eye. There are two major causes of dry eye: decreased lacrimal tear secretion and loss of tears due to evaporation which can result in symptoms of irritation, blurring, grittiness, burning and dryness. Dry eye is a hallmark symptom of Sjögren’s syndrome. Sjögren’s is a serious […]

Infra-red Imaging of Meibomian Glands and Evaluation of Lipid Layer in Sjogren’s Syndrome Patients. Sjogren’s Syndrome has been defined as an autoimmune disease characterized by inflammation and destruction of sweat, salivary and tear glands. Dry eye and Sjogren’s Syndrome occurs primarly in women, particularly during or post-menopause. Although the mechanism as to why this correlation […]

Sjogren's and dry eyes

April is the awareness month for Sjogren’s disease. This year, the Dry Eyes Store was present at the Sjogren’s Society of Canada annual conference held last weekend in Toronto. A rewarding experience for those who want to learn more about this autoimmune disease At this event, patients and individuals interested in this syndrome were able […]

Another perspective on the Dry Eye Syndrom with the aim of improving the treatment of MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction), DES (Dry Eye Syndrome) and CDE (Chronical Dry Eye) Eyelids could not slide accross my eye ball without scratching it I will start right at the beginning of my journey: I am a long-term patient myself […]