Eye makeup and dry eyes

Did you know that eye makeup can aggravate dry eyes symptoms ?

Did you know that eye makeup can aggravate dry eye symptoms?

Considering that women are more prone to dry eye disease, and most women wear eye makeup every day, what do you do? It’s really a matter of what type and how you apply eye makeup that can make the difference. Makeup can be a hassle. If you suffer from dry eyes, we’ve included a few tips here that can help you keep it from being a downright irritation. Literally.

No makeup past the expiration date.

Yes, eye makeup has an expiration date. Specifically, mascara should be used no more than 3 months after you purchase it. It’s 6 months for cream eye shadows and blushes, and up to 2 years for eyeliner

Remove it right.

First, make sure you remove your make up every night before bed. Opt for quality, gentle removers like mineral oil-free, paraben-free, gel-based products.

Completely avoiding eye makeup is the best defense, particularly if you have a more severe dry eye condition. This may not be so easy, so just remember to keep a close eye on how and what you apply to minimize any discomfort.

Apply outside the lash line.

If you have sensitive eyes, always avoid applying eye makeup over the oil glands of the upper or lower eyelid. Apply outside the lash line, and make sure mascara is applied from the tips not the roots of your lashes.

Choose the right kind of makeup.

The type that flakes can get into your tear film and increase irritation and itchiness. Also, considering using thickening mascara instead of waterproof or the type that lengthens lashes. These are much less likely to flake and fall into your eyes.

Source: http://deiamerica.com/blog/dry-eyes-and-eye-makeup/



Eyelid cleanser for dry eyes and effectively remove cosmetics and makeup.

For most women, the cleansing is almost a daily step. It is important to remove makeup before going to bed to maintain beautiful skin for a long time and allow it to recover.

OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub™ (215ml)in an instant FOAMING liquid that generates a pre-lathered foam immediately upon depressing the control tip pump.

OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub™ Original eyelid cleansing formula improves patient compliance and promotes proper lid hygiene. The cleansing formula removes oil, debris and desquamated skin which may cause eye irritation.

  • Effectively removes cosmetics

For external use only. Remove contact lenses prior to use. Pre-Lathered for ready application.

Firs, wash and clean hands. Pump desired amount of OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub™ Foam onto a clean, lint-free washcloth, or fingertip. Close the eye and gently cleanse lids using lateral side to side strokes. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid touching the eye directly.

This lid scrub is the No. 1 doctor recommended eyelid cleanser. The original formula of this lid scrub comforts and soothes your eyelids.



Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Made by Ocusoft, a leading company in dry eyes products

This special form is perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearers. It will not clump or flake and can be compared with most expensive mascaras. The color is black to give you that effortless, natural look. Finally a mascara for dry eye sufferers at a affordable price. Buyer tested, it creates beautifully defined and natural looking eyelashes without clumping or flaking.









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12 replies
  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    i have just been told i have dry eye syndrome i have drops and ointment and I’m still burning and having trouble. Im hoping for help.

    • Dry eyes Store
      Dry eyes Store says:

      Keep in mind that dry eyes treatment is more than just drops and ointment. Consider moisture chambers and/or dry eye sunglasses and warm compresses. Add Omega 3 to your diet and have a very good eyelid hygiene. Ask your doctor about all this!

      • Stephanie
        Stephanie says:

        I have had punctual plugs fitted I also use gabapentin 300mg-900mg aday to help light sensitivity hylo forte drops blephrocleanse eye wipes sun glasses red tinted lenses take antihistamine daily and Omega 7 keeps my eyes more pleasurable however its a pain an ruined my life but i take everyday as it comes and really enjoy the days i can see without pain x miss make up and need support an trial products b4 buying as if wasted so much money on stuff I can not use 😔

  2. Pam Curchin
    Pam Curchin says:

    I have been suffering for dry eye syndrome for almost 4 years now and on Restasis, which is doing nothing. Using Almay hypoallergenic mascara (minimally) and wondering if there is something else that I could purchase that would be less annoying to my eyes. Any thoughts! My eyes are continually burning, dry and light sensitive. Modern medicine sucks as no eye doctor is helping me.

      • Maria James
        Maria James says:

        I use Blethaclean wipes on my eyes that I buy in Boots it soothes my dry eyes really well for days – I also use Johnson (Sensitive) face wipes and gently lay them onto my eyes and it seems to cure my dry eyes using both of these techniques – even when I go on holiday and get really dry eyes in an aeroplane as long as I have wipes with me it does the trick. Hope this helps you as well. I have all but given us using eye make up and that seems to stop the suffering as well,

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Try a preservative free drop . Systane ultra is the only one that doesn’t burn my eyes. It comes in one time use vials and also has an acid buffer in the inactive ingredients…hope this helps!
      8 years ago I was fitted with permanent tear duct drain plugs which at the time was great. Now that my eyes are even more dry, it’s a nightmare because even Restasis won’t work for me…I don’t suggest getting them!

    • Pamela Thomas
      Pamela Thomas says:

      Wow! I’m not on meds but having same issues – burning, light sensitivity & weepy crying eyes. Also have used Almay mascara & skin products for years. Some days they were while driving. Willing to try new eye & skin products so looking on line

  3. Alessandra
    Alessandra says:

    I’ve suffered from chronic dry eye for years now and I’ve always had to very carefully choose my makeup, but for some reason I wasn’t factoring in my makeup remover type. My dermatologist told me since my skin is dry I could really benefit from using a moisturizing cleanser so I started using Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser. Once I fell in love with that I realized they also make an eye makeup remover. Its preservative free, paraben free, and fragrance free, and my eyes have felt much better since using it. Can’t believe I never thought to change what products i was using in that sense but Im glad I finally switched, They have more helpful info on their site https://www.albolene.com/

  4. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Hi try Gabapentin 300-900mg aday for light sensitivty and hylo forte drops as and when an eyelid wipes twice daily….ive just had plugs fitted 2days ago an they r a little uncomfortable but I still use the above an I’m hoping the uncomfortableness subsides but they much better than they were x so horrible tho isn’t it x


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