Is buying online safe with

Absolutely, payments from are done through Paypal, worldwide known for it’s safe way to securely buy online. You will be directed for payment to a secure website (HTTPS). Furthermore, be assured that the information required for the processing of your order will not be disclosed to anyone and will never be used for any other purpose other then your transaction.

To which country can you deliver you products?

Wherever on earth, it’s possible for us to ship available products sold on our web site If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Prices shown are in Canadian dollar, Euro or USD, can I pay with other currencies?

Since the transaction will be done with Paypal, you can pay with the currencies of your choice. The conversion will be done automatically with current rates at this time with Paypal.

Will you offer more products over time?

We are always seeking new products to help problems related to dry eyes. Since we are offering only quality and tested dry eyes products for people that are affected by this condition, our selection is limited.

 Need more information?

You can always reach us using our contact form or by phone and we will be glad to answer all your questions. Customer satisfaction and quality of our products are very important for us.