MakeUp Tips – Dry Eyes

Dry eye is just becoming a more common condition everyday. MakeUp Tips – Dry Eyes is a post on how to apply makeup without irritating your eyes. This video will show you helpful tips when you have dry eyes and you want to wear makeup. A lot of women deal with dry eyes. It’s hard for people with dry eyes to do eye makeup. This is why I decided to share this video because I think that they give very helpful tips to women who suffers from dry eyes and still want to wear makeup.

Stay away from powders

Powder can irritate the eyes. Even if you do not put powder in the eye area, it can travel and stick to the eye causing eye irritation. However, if you use a cream right before applying the powder, it will help to keep the eyeshadow powder on by helping it to adhere.

MakeUp Tips - Dry Eyes. Eyeliner for dry/or sensitive eyes

Make Up Tips – Dry Eyes. Eyeliner for dry/or sensitive eyes

Mascara for sensitive eyes

Mascara can be very irritating for the eyes. If you use mascara, make sure that you only use those made for sensitive eyes. You will find here at the DryEyes-Sotre makeup cosmetics designed for dry and/or sensitive eyes.  Do not use waterproof mascara, because it makes it more difficult to remove and this can be very irritating for the ocular surface. So make sure that your mascara your are using is hypoallergenic and NOT waterproof. Good quality mascara made for sensitive eyes will not flake, causing eye irritation as they will fall in the eyes. When the mascara flakes gets into the tear film, they will certainly cause eye irritation. Do not forget also that you have to change your mascara every 3 months max even if you still product in the bottle. Once you opened it, you throw it after 3 months. If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your mascara, do yourself a favor and throw it out and buy a fresh tube! Also, when you realise that your mascara have dried out, do not moisten it, jut change it ! If after applying eye makeup, you have an eye infection, do not use the same makeup that was used during or right before the eye infection. You always have to keep in mind to not mix your makeup, the pencil that you use for your eyes, you keep it for your eyes! Do not use it on your lips and then on your eyes again… It’s also a bad idea to share your m

MakeUp Tips - Dry Eyes. Eye make up remover for dry / sensitive eyes

MakeUp Tips – Dry Eyes. Eye make up remover for dry / sensitive eyes

ascara and eyeliners with your friends. Your makeup for the eyes is personnal stuff and you should keep it that way, especially when you have dry eyes or sensitive eyes. If you have a eye infection, do not use mascara or other eye makeup until the infection is gone. If you think that a particular cosmetic, makeup, mascara or eyeliner is irritating your eyes, stop using it right away and consult your doctor if necessary. Do not go to bed with your makeup, even if you are very tired, take the time to properly remove the cosmetics before going to sleep. While sleeping, mascara can flake and get into your eyes even

if your eyes are closed.

Do not apply eyeliner where the meibomian glands are located since it can block the duct of these glands, causing dry eyes, stye or chalazion. Finally, if you were contact lenses (you should not if you have dry eyes but anyways…) make sure to put them before applying eye makeup.

Eye MakeUp remover

Make sure that you use good quality eye makeup remover made for sensitive eyes. Even if you use a good mascara and eyeliner made for sensitive eyes but do not use a makeup remover for sensitive eyes, you will get irritation and dryness. Sensitive makeup + Sensitive makeup remover = good choice.


You will find at the DryEyes-Store great makeup products designed for dry and sensitive eyes.

MakeUp Tips - Dry Eyes. Zoria-Mascara-dry-eye-store

MakeUp Tips – Dry Eyes. Zoria-Mascara-dry-eye-store


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    Trish says:

    You should only wear tubal mascara if you have dry eyes. It comes off with warm water, no rubbing with makeup remover necessary. You can gently remove your shadow and eyeliner with The Body Shop camomile gentle eye makeup remover


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