If you have chronic blepharitis and / or meibomian gland dysfunction that causes you dry eye symptoms, you should make sure you have excellent eyelid hygiene.

Inflammation of the eyelids

Inflammation of the edge of the eyelids may be manifested by slight swelling and redness. Eyelid hygiene is then very important.

1- Heat

Apply hot compresses to the closed eyelids for about 10 minutes. Applying heat serves to fluidize the abnormally solid oily secretions contained in the glands. Imagine the butter you put in the refrigerator, it becomes solid. Once put on the pan, it becomes more fluid. It is the same with the meibomian secretions. Once more fluid, they can be better secreted by the meibomian glands. These oily secretions are intended to stabilize the tear film and delay the evaporation of the thin layer of tear film on the surface of your eye.

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2 – Eyelids massage

Upper Eyelid

Exercise a gentle massage by making small circles close to the eyelashes

hygiène paupières

Lower Eyelid

Exercise a massage from the inside to the outside.

hygiène paupière

The liquefied secretions are then expelled from the glands by light pressure or a gentle massage of the eyelid.

masssage paupière3






3- Cleaning of the eyelids

After applying heat and eyelid massage, it is important to clean the eyelids. To do this, you can use products specially designed for this purpose. Their use is simple, fast and efficient. These products are also excellent make-up removers.

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This care should be done until your symptoms improve. Once the situation is under control, you should continue to do this on a regular basis at the frequency that is convenient for you to avoid the recurrence of symptoms. Do not forget to always consult your doctor, ophthalmologist or optometrist for your dry eye problems.

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    Blepharitis is a common problem today and It can happen for a number of reasons. These efforts are very helpful for getting rid of blepharitis. Thanks for sharing informative article.


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