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Dry eye and Menopause

More and more studies have shown a relationship between dry eye syndrome and menopause, which explains why many more women are affected by this problem compared to men. Aging, Menopause and Dry Eye It is a fact, the more you get older, the more the chances of feeling the effects of dry eyes increase. Exceeded the […]


Can menopause cause dry eyes ?

Dry eyes and menopause The onset of menopause is inevitable for every woman at some point, along with the moodiness, hot flashes and night sweats that comes with it. Menopause means the hormones are out of balance. And when the hormones are out of balance it can cause another type of discomfort: dry eyes. According to the […]


Meibomian Glands and Evaluation of Lipid Layer in Sjogren’s Syndrome Patients

Infra-red Imaging of Meibomian Glands and Evaluation of Lipid Layer in Sjogren’s Syndrome Patients. Sjogren’s Syndrome has been defined as an autoimmune disease characterized by inflammation and destruction of sweat, salivary and tear glands. Dry eye and Sjogren’s Syndrome occurs primarly in women, particularly during or post-menopause. Although the mechanism as to why this correlation […]


Dry Eye in Las Vegas

Dry Eye Syndrome can affect anyone at any age, no matter where in the world you live. However, some regions of the world have a more arid, dry and warm climate where the prevalence of dry eyes is higher. I have just returned from a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States where […]


Tear production decreases over time

Over time, normal tear production decreases as we age. When this reduction reaches a certain limit, a dry eye syndrome may appear. Some moments in a person’s life can promote dry eye episodes such as pregnancy and / or menopause. Hormonal changes and dry eyes Hormonal changes can have a significant impact on the proper […]


Dry Eye Clinical Trials

HydroEye – Participants receiving HydroEye had significant improvements in irritation symptoms, a smoother corneal surface, and lower levels of inflammation compared to placebo after 6 months of study. Design In this multi-center, randomized, controlled trial, 38 postmenopausal women with dry eye (moderate to severe KCS) received 4 softgels daily of HydroEye or placebo, and were […]


Medicines that make your Dry Eye Worse

If you have Dry Eyes, you have to keep in mind that certains medicines used to heal other diseases can harm dry eye sufferers. If you have dry eyes and you take medications, it is really important that you discuss about that with your doctor. DO NOT STOP YOUR MEDICATIONS WITHOUT YOUR DOCTOR ADVICE. It […]


HydroEye SoftGels Dry Eye Relief

HydroEye is a unique, patented oral formulation that helps provide relief for dry eyes. Its proprietary blend of key nutrients works to produce a healthy tear film and support ocular surface health. HydroEye Highlights Clinically tested and found to improve dry eye symptoms, keep inflammation at bay and maintain corneal smoothness Offers relief for dry […]


What you need to know about Dry Eye

You may already have dry eye. 14% of the United States population already has dry eye. About Tears The human eye is lubricated by two kinds of tears produced by glands in the upper and lower eyelid. Constant Tears Constant tears are continuously formed to lubricate the eye and contain natural antibiotics to help fight […]


Testosterone and Dry Eyes

When testosterone production is decreased, the lacrimal gland does not work as it should. The ocular surface of the eye is then exposed to the components causing Dry Eyes. Menopause can lead to hormonal fluctuations which could contribute to Dry Eyes. Menopause is sometimes responsible for dry skin problems, especially around the mouth, nose areas, […]